January 21st, 2018

An ol’ Iron Tower poem fer ye as well!

A random poem made after the old IT wars. Moor dug this up today.

Too Much Thrack

Too much Thrack,
puts a man doon low,
Too much Thrack
tell me it aint so

Thrack fuckin’ there,
Thrack fuckin’ here,
Damn that Thrack!
I need a beer!

Thrack racks the body,
Thrack buckles the bones,
I wish that Thrack
would leave me alone

Thrack’s in the air,
Thrack’s in ra watter,
When i’m getting cold,

“Please bad Thrack,
please go away,
please Almighty Thrack,
listen to what I say”

Thrack doesn’y reason
Thrack don’t care
when ye’ve hud enough
Thrack gies ye mair!

“Bastardin Thrack,
come a fuckin’ head”
Ah’m gonna thump that Thrack
till its fuckin’ dead

Thracks a dirty fechter,
flying through the air
one minute ah’m vertical,
the next ah’m on the flair

This IT will fight Thrack
IT’ll fight to the end
Its gonny get that fucker
cos its sending me roon the bend

“Hear me Thrack
the battles no iver yet,
in the bold eeko,
your match you have met!!”

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